Criminal law

  • Legal advice in the area of ​​criminal justice for defendants and victims
  • Representing the accused and the accused in criminal proceedings
  • The application for parole convict, request for clemency, application for expungement of convictions, application for a certificate
  • Preparation and filing criminal information, proposals, applications, complaints, appeal, appeal,, retrial, proposals for the extraordinary appeal lawyer
  • Representation of damaged / corrupted lawyer in criminal proceedings under the Criminal Procedure Code, applying damage

Civil law

  • Comprehensive advisory services in civil relations, including representation in court
  • Solving problems in the areas of property rights
  • Solution for liability relations, including compensation
  • Dedičskoprávne advice - drawing up wills and deeds of disinheritance
  • The development and assessment of civil contracts (purchase contract, deed of gift, leases, contract work, etc.)
  • Legal advice in the field of insurance

Business Law

  • Complete legal advice and services for entrepreneurs and legal entities
  • Management and resolution of complex legal agenda of the company
  • Forming companies, changes to them and termination, including the liquidation or bankruptcy
  • debt recovery
  • Execution and assessment of commercial contracts
  • Debt recovery in court and enforcement proceedings
  • Advice on Small Businesses
  • Tax advice, representation in tax proceedings

Family law

  • Divorce
  • The rights and duties of parents to minor children
  • Settlement of spouses
  • alimony - determining alimony, increasing maintenance, reduction of maintenance, recovery of maintenance, cancellation of maintenance in case of an adult child
  • Editing maintenance obligations - nutritional parents to children, Nutrition of children to parents, maintenance among other relatives, alimony to the wife / husband, Maintenance allowance divorced spouse, Maintenance allowance and reimbursement of certain costs unmarried mother
  • filiation
  • Representation in proceedings concerning the approval of action for malotédieťa

Administrative Law

  • Representation in administrative proceedings pursuant to the Administrative Procedure

Labor law

  • Preparation of all types of contracts under the Labor Code
  • Representation of employers and employees in disputes relating to the Labor Code, eg. with invalid termination of employment, application entitlements and other

Real Estate law

  • Preparation of reservation contracts, contracts for future contract, purchase contracts, interchangeable contracts, pledge agreements and other contracts relating to the transfer of ownership, agreements on the establishment of easements and other
  • The abolition of joint ownership to real estate and settlement of
  • Cancellation and settlement of spouses to real estate

debt recovery

Repeal of ownership

  • Cancellation and settlement of co-ownership
  • Cancellation and settlement of spouses (BSM)

Intellectual property law

  • patents
  • utility models
  • Trademarks
  • designs
  • Copyright

Constitutional law

  • Drafting a constitutional complaint, representation by a lawyer before the Constitutional Court SR

Representation in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg