Hearings in April 2021 continue to be carried out only exceptionally, things specified in the decree.

The Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic by decree 108/2021 Z.z. from day 22.3.2021 postponed the effectiveness of its Decree no. 24/2021 on the conduct of hearings, main hearings and public meetings in times of emergency and state of emergency.

Effectiveness of the decree on conducting hearings, main hearings and public meetings in times of emergency and state of emergency have been moved to 30.4.2021.

According to the decree 24/2021 Z.z.  § 1 ods. 1  Hearings are held in times of emergency or emergency, major hearings and public meetings in these matters:

 a) custody matters, including custody decisions,

 b) decision-making of a judge for preparatory proceedings according to § 348 ods. 1 letter. a) a b) Criminal Procedure Code,

 c) conditional release from imprisonment,

 d) deciding on it, whether the convicted person has proved himself during the probationary period or whether a custodial sentence is ordered,

 e) deciding on the imposition of protective treatment, changing the way protective treatment is performed, continuation of protective treatment, dismissal and termination of protective treatment,

 f) proceedings in matters of parental responsibility,

 g) proceedings for the care of minors, including the enforcement of decisions,

 h) proceedings for the return of a minor abroad in the event of unauthorized transfer or detention,

 i) adoption proceedings,

 j) proceedings in matters relating to the maintenance of minors,

 k) inheritance proceedings,

 l) proceedings for legal capacity,

 m) proceedings on the admissibility of detention in a medical facility,

 n) proceedings for the appointment of a guardian,

 O) asylum matters, detention and administrative expulsion,

 p) civil dispute and civil non-dispute proceedings, if the parties to the dispute or the parties to the proceedings have agreed to a hearing in their absence.

ods. 2) Except for matters under paragraph 1 a hearing may be held in the event of an emergency or state of emergency, the main hearing and the public session even then, if this is the case, which cannot be postponed; the court seised shall emphasize this fact in the summons.